at the Lake Theatre ~ 1022 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL 60301 Sundays ~ 9:30a

Serve in Oak Park


 In our first year of church life we deposited eighteen thousand quarters at the Village Laundromat to cover the cost of laundry for many of our neighbors. Join us this year as we continue to impact lives one random act at a time- no strings attached.






FREE LAUNDRY ~ Next SERVE Project takes place in November.

The Village Laundromat on Chicago Ave.

11a – 1p.







Serve513 Initiative

Before we hosted our first worship service, we going to hit the streets of Oak Park to live out Galatians 5:13.  We’re here to SERVE our community in LOVE.  Check out all of the ways we’ve served.

If you’d like to join us click here and we’ll send you more info.

Our most recent SERVE Project found us back at the Village Laundromat on Chicago Ave for another Free Laundry event.  Once again, it was a mind-blowing project.  To date, at the laundromat, we’ve poured in more than 5,300 quarters. The people we get to meet are amazing, and the stories they share both encourage and inspire. Check out more pics on our Facebook page.





Leading up to Launch Weekend, we partnered with Oak Park Citgo and bought down the price of gas from  $4.35 a gallon to an incredible $3.35 per gallon.  For two hours we pumped gas, washed windows and told the Free Church story.  Overall we pumped 2,120 gallons of gas and which counted for $2,120 donated to our community. Click here for more pics.







We made it back to the Village Laundromat on August 11 and found some familiar faces and new friends too.  We pumped in another 1,840 quarters in our efforts to show God’s love, no strings attached. Our favorite line of the day: “My miracle is you paying for my laundry. God is good.” More pics can be found on Facebook.




On Saturday, the 14th, we hit the streets and treated Oak Parkers to Free Parking.  The smiles on faces proved the overall theme of our SERVE Projects, it doesn’t take much to be a blessing.  Serving up parking throughout the shopping district in Oak Park was another great way to share the Free Church story. Check out more pics on our Facebook page.






We have away nearly 100 cups of coffee at the Harlem/Lake Greenline Station.  It was the perfect way to tell commuters God loves them, no strings attached. Two SERVE513 Projects down, 11 to go until Launch!







We gathered at the Village Laundromat and pumped in 1,756 Quarters, washing 101 loads of free laundry! It was an incredible day and there were so many great stories.  We met Lina who sells jewelry and other items to help pay her bills.  Cheryl told us we saved her $25 today byt helping with her laundry.  Leonard found out we paid for his laundry and said, “it makes me want to give $10 to someone on the street!” It doesn’t take a lot to be a blessing… just a heart to SERVE… all for love!






A Day In Our Village

What an incredible introduction into Oak Park. Our first SERVE513 project was a huge success-  kids did incredible painting the Piano Canvas, we gave away tons of freeze pops and shared the Free Church story with so many interested Oak Parkers.  Check out more pics on our Facebook Page.





Serve 513. 13 weeks. 13 opportunities.

All for love.